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Our guides are all local people with their own unique expertise, passion and insights of Amsterdam and the Netherlands!

We speak: Dutch, English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Spanish and German


I’m Sarah
The owner of Sarah’s Tours. During my studies, I worked in the hospitality industry and as a private tour guide. After graduating in the field of cultural communication, I founded Sarah’s Tours.

Connecting with people from all over the world and showing them a great time is my true passion. I grew up with a Scottish mum and Moroccan dad. A lot of people ask me how they met. Well, they fell in love in (and with) Amsterdam, so here I am! That’s what makes Amsterdam so special to me: it’s a melting pot of cultures.



I’m Aglaya.
I’m born in Amsterdam, from a Russian family. I studied Anthropology and I am interested in culture and how we can look at it from all perspectives.

I’m active and spontaneous, and I have many interests me, so we will have a great time for sure! I will show you Amsterdam from a locals perspective and make sure you have a wonderful experience in my favourite city.



Hi I am Selina. I am a New Zealander who now calls the Netherlands home. My background is in Art History, and as fate would have it, my dissertation was on Rembrandt. Fast-forward 10 years, and I am now living amongst the art and architecture that has inspired me since school.

With a background in Museum and Gallery Education at the Auckland Art Gallery, bringing artworks to life through storytelling, and connecting them to our own lives, is what I loves to do.

While I’m is passionate about history and art history, equally important to me is that you have a personal connection through your experience, and maybe have your own transformative moment while exploring something new.


Hi I am Giovanna and I am a food and history lover. My roots are Brazilian- Italian and I never feels like I am running out of stories to tell. I speak five languages, but know how to say “thank you” in about nine languages!

I have been living in the Netherlands for fifteen years by now, but my places are Amsterdam, Utrecht and Haarlem. I likes to wander around places full of history and am always eager to know more about the origins of a place and its culture. If you like a good chat, then I am the one to guide you!


My name is Violeta, I´m an artist and an architect. I´m curious, I´m hungry and I love travelling.
I like meeting new people, learning languages, and riding my bicycle!

I love Amsterdam, where I´ve been living for the past three years.
Being an architect I´ve learned to understand cities, their urban development and how to link history to architecture. I love sharing my passion for it, especially in Amsterdam where one can find so much great architecture, and urbanism.


Hi, I am Minou, A passionate photographer since the age of 18. I am a born and raised Amsterdammer. I have a passion for street and travel photography.

My focus is on travel, music events, nature and street photography, in addition I enjoy portrait photography. I organise photography workshops for people who would like to improve their skills.


I am an art historian guide, born in Italy and living in Amsterdam now. Before I called Amsterdam my home I lived in Paris. My workplaces are the most beautiful you can have: the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.

I love to share my passion for art and history with you. You will hear a lot of interesting stories and you’ll discover amazing details hidden in the artworks on a private tour with me.
With friends, family, kids, colleagues or on your own, there is always a lot to see and to do in museums. I cannot wait to visit them with you!



Hi, I am Chris: a multi-disciplinary photographer and educator
I have lived and worked in Amsterdam for over 20 years.

With an interest in the history and culture of the city, my tours include historical and cultural context to your photographs.
“I love this city! After a lifetime of travelling, I have finally found a place to call home. The passing of time, expressed so dynamically in the architecture, art and culture keep me inspired and driven, not only to produce great work but also to share with others all that Amsterdam has to offer”.


Hello, I’m Victor. I am an award-winning Irish Photographer who has lived in Amsterdam since 2001. I have had works published in The Guardian, National Geographic and The Irish Times as well as many travel publications. Apart from photojournalism,

I am also is a keen travel photographer and have visited more than 80 countries, and I would love to help you capture the memories from you adventures here in Amsterdam.



My name is Max. I am 25 years old, Dutch and always in a for a good chat.
I love Amsterdam. There is no better feeling in the world than biking next to the Amstel river and feeling the fresh Amsterdam air.

I am happy as long as you are happy and always do my best to give you the most personal experience possible.
I promise you, a day with me is never boring!


Hi I’m Sebastiaan and I grew up in a village 20 minutes biking from Amsterdam and now have had
the pleasure of living in Amsterdam for 4 years. After completing a bachelor study in
Business Administration I decided to start studying my other passion, photography. 

I am also working full time as a product and event
photographer under the name Midas Harper.
But biggest passion is making that
somewhat stylized portrait for your new profile picture and memories of your stay.


Hi, I am Peter,
A born and bred Amsterdammer. I have been a private tour guide in Amsterdam for quite a few years.
What I like most is the personal interaction with my guests so I can really give them the tour that fits their interests.

My favourite topics are Amsterdam’s history and traditions, and especially Amsterdam during World War Two.
I am looking forward to showing you my city and telling you all about it!


Hi I’m Rudolf,
I am a passionate city guide and teacher in art history. My passion is showing visitors of our city the hidden gems and providing them with historical and artistic context.

My favorite topics to share are Rembrandt, Golden Age Art, and architecture. I see the city as an art piece that comes to life when the context is added.


My name is Nanno Smidt. I have lived in Amsterdam for more than 40 years and love this city, the people, culture, buildings, parks and squares. I have a master’s degree in urban planning and worked as a consultant, trainer and furniture designer. I follow present-day developments in the city, and try to put them in the rich historical context of Amsterdam.

I would like to share all of this with you, and I am looking forward to meet you on one of my tours in this beautiful city.


My name is John and I’ve lived in Amsterdam since 2010, and I love it. As a historian, I can tell you a lot about all facets of this beautiful city: built for, and by, immigrants, and merchants who valued tolerance, trade, culture, and science,

The world has had a major impact on Amsterdam and Amsterdam on the world. History has many sides, and this has made Amsterdam the city that it is today.

I will take you on an enthusiastic, cheerful and passionate way on a journey through Amsterdam or other places in the Netherlands.

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