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Chris is a photographer and educator. In addition to working with professional photographers; making sure that they waste no time getting to the best locations under any conditions, he also teaches beginner and intermediary-level photographers, helping them to develop their technical and creative skills. He has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 1999, witnessing and documenting the many changes the city has gone through in the intervening years.

With an interest in all that the city has to offer, his tours add historical and cultural context to your photographs.


Victor Lacken is an award-winning Irish Photographer who has lived in Amsterdam since 2001. He has had works published in The Guardian, National Geographic and The Irish Times as well as many travel publications. Apart from photojournalism, Victor is a keen travel photographer and has visited more than 80 countries. He also operates a photo studio in Amsterdam’s Houthavens area which he uses for portraiture.



Sebastiaan grew up in a village 20 minutes biking from Amsterdam and now has
the pleasure of living in Amsterdam for 4 years. After finishing a
bachelor in Business Administration, he decided to start another study,
something he is passionate about; photography.  Sebastiaan is
working full time as a product and event
photographer under the name Midas Harper.
Sebastiaan’s biggest passion is making that
somewhat stylized portrait for your new profile picture and memories of your stay.


Hi, I am Minou, A passionate photographer since the age of 18. I am a born and raised Amsterdammer. I have a passion for street and travel photography.

My focus is on travel, music events, nature and street photography, in addition I enjoy portrait photography. I organise photography workshops for people who would like to improve their skills.
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